Mission Statement

About the Mission…

Below you will find the mission statement of Medical Solutions Ministries, inc. This missions organization was formed in 2006.  It is a self supported organization, funded by micro-businesses. 

MSM Mission Statement: 

Medical Solutions Ministries, inc is a missions organization serving in the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Israel, promoting Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health, and supporting ministries and individuals who are doing the same.

How is this done?

1. Educational Arm....

          A. Website: MSM designed the website Medical Holistic Ministries (, and added medical and theological content, recommending organizations, and reliable websites for Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health.  

               In 2019 our You Tube channel will be launched featuring the Doctor, Counselor and Pastor 1 minute videos. 

         B. Speaking, Teaching and lecturing - in churches and  organizations nationally and abroad.

2. Financial Arm… Supporting individuals who are promoting  aspects of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health.

3. Service Arm…  Participating in medical / missions work and  financially supporting those who are serving in that capacity.  Additionally, helping Christian  churches and ministries in transitioning to the next level of service and financial independence.